Frequently asked questions

Studio Bucket is a project management platform for video which helps organisations make and organise great video. Key features are self recording video and audio, including a teleprompter, easy uploading of clips shot on mobiles and new self editing features. Add comments directly on a video for fast reviews and approvals, and store all your files, never to be lost again.

Yes. Studio Bucket was designed for Communications professionals to work with video creatives to get videos done. It has all the key features built so that it’s easy for non technical users, while supplying serious grunt to handle the demands of video.

Studio Bucket is the perfect tool for Communications, Marketing and HR professionals to work with video and other creatives. Simple enough to use for non technical people, but with enough features for some serious video project management. It covers the complete journey of your video project from the initial creation and collection of assets, all the way through to the editing, publishing and finally storage in your own video content library. Use our new self editing tools to get simple jobs done right there on your project in the cloud, or allocate any project to our professional editing team. The joy of Studio Bucket is you can use whichever features you need, when you need them, so that it’s tailored to your needs.

Our new self editing features mean it’s easier than ever to do simple editing yourself. From a quick trim of the start and finish of a Zoom or Teams clip, to adding the name and title of your speaker across the bottom of your video, plus maybe your logo to the top right corner of your video as a watermark. It’s quick, easy, cost effective and absolutely no technical knowledge is required. And if you need professional help editing a video, our partner editing service WeEditFast will look after you, like they do for many corporate and government organisations.

You can upload up to a massive 50GB per file, anywhere on the platform, and from any device, from footage shot on phones through to raw 4K camera files.

No. When you share a video with anyone, they receive an email with a link to view it instantly their browser on any device, without need to login.

Absolutely. Create as many sub accounts as you need, across as many different geographies as your organisation requires. You can assign individual users to one sub account, or multiple. For example, your company ACME has offices in the US, UK, Singapore and Australia. So you can create each of these as a sub-account, and then assign your users to whichever one, or ones, they need access to. Even within ACME US, you can create dozens of sub accounts such as ACME US IT, ACME US Corporate, or ACME US Comms. This ensures user access to each entity within your organisation is securely controlled by you.

Yes, your Studio Bucket platform comes with an inbuilt file transfer feature, which you can use on any uploaded file, from raw assets to the final video. Use the … icon under each file to Send to Others, or else the Share button for your Completed videos. Add a note and the recipient’s email, and they will receive your note and link to instantly view or download.

A Team Member is anyone with a secure login to your Studio Bucket platform.

You can have unlimited reviewers, who are not counted as Team Members. This means you can share your videos with unlimited others to receive their feedback, without needing them to login.

If you need to increase the number of Team Members on your platform, contact

Absolutely. If you would like anyone, anywhere on the planet, to contribute content, but do not want them to have access to the actual project, each job comes with a unique link which you can email to others.

This link will invite them to upload a file directly to that project, and you will see it real time the minute it’s uploaded. Perfect when you need graphics from a freelance designer in London, or brand guidelines and hero footage from the head office in New York, or art files from the Sydney office.

And with the rise of user generated footage filmed on phones, this external link is the perfect way to collect and collate material from multiple creators. The project coordinator just emails all contributors the link for the project, ready for them to upload their clips, instantly and without the usual file size restrictions associated with phone uploads.

As long as you need – it’s up to you. Each account tier comes with generous amounts of data. If you reach your limit, you can either delete some files to free up more data, or if you need more, contact

Your Dashboard is your single page overview, or command centre, where you can see:

  • Every video project currently under way, and it’s current status between Super Editor Review, Editor Review and Customer Review.

  • Deadline countdown

  • Time and date stamped at every stage

  • Ability to push down or up the flow cycle: allocate jobs to accredited Editors internally or externally, review their work before either asking for more revisions from them or else sending on to your Customer with the press of a button.

Each of the 3 plans comes with a matching storage capacity, beginning at 100GB and increasing to unlimited.

Storage is calculated by the total amount of data in your account at any time. If you reach your limit, you can either delete files to bring your account back under your limit, or else upgrade to the next plan for more data. Contact to discuss your needs and we’ll help work out the best plan for you.