Recording an online video remotely to a tight deadline is a challenge. And what if you also need to use a teleprompter so you can nail your script and performance? That’s when communications professionals turn to Studio Bucket.


A ‘vox pop’ from online video recordings made by staff at Lion working remotely for Wear It Purple Day. Not just a rally call, but a celebration of authenticity, engagement and diversity.

Online video is the perfect vehicle to provide regular communication and updates. And recording online video remotely, then reviewed, revised and published in the cloud, is critical for the communications and marketing professionals at BetaShares.

To replace a live awards ceremony event, Cancer Australia used video to create 3 versions – full length, medium length for media distribution and a shorter social edit – for various online audiences and online publishing channels.

You can’t beat a personal journey. Communications professionals can create and produce engaging video content, on a budget, with a colleague far away from head office.

Online video is a powerful tool for learning, education and professional development. The Law Institute of Victoria showcases some of the sharpest legal minds via regular, disciplined video content delivery.