How to Create a New Project

Click New Video Project in your Dashboard menu.

For Client, you can initially use your own business or the system default as the Client.

You can also select yourself as Customer – you will see your email as an option on the drop down list.

Fill in the initial job details such as title, description, deadline, and if you have any assets for the project, you can begin uploading them to the job.

Want third party contributors to upload content to the job, but not have any access?

Each new project comes with its own url link to share. Email this link to anyone, anywhere, and when they paste it in their browser it invites them to upload files to your job.

They have no access to your project beyond this ability via your invitation to upload a file directly to it.

You will then see the files drop into your job instantly. It’s a great way to collect files from an unlimited number of people. An agency in London that has some brand IP assets, a videographer in Singapore with footage, a graphic artist in Sydney or Melbourne.

But best of all, for the increasing numbers of videos and photos being filmed on mobiles and tablets, users can upload directly to your job, instantly, via this shared url link – getting around any device upload limits or your internal IT restrictions, in the process.

Add any other people who need full Customer access to the project via the Add Collaborators box. They will instantly receive an invitation, along with their login details.

Type in your brief or any general instructions to the Final Notes box.

If you have specific instructions for your Editor or other creatives, you can add these privately as a Team Note at the bottom of the job after it has been Submitted.