How to Submit and Allocate a Job

A job remains in Draft status until you hit the Submit button, which sends it off to Current Jobs.

Then if you’d like to assign it to someone for editing, you still need to Allocate it to them.

Each of these steps will change the Status column of that job on your Dashboard.

When you first Submit from Draft into Current Jobs, the Status will show as Super Editor Review.

If you are editing the project yourself, then there’s nothing to do.

However, if you want another external creative or internal colleague to edit it, then you will wan to allocate the job to them.

Firstly, they need to be a User on your platform. So on your main dashboard menu on the left hand side:

  • Users
  • + New User
  • add their name + email address, create a password for them
    For Role, select Editor.
    This only gives them access to projects you allocate to them.
    Or Super Editor if they are a colleague or trusted stakeholder. This gives them access to your entire platform.

Now you’re ready to Allocate a job to them. There are two ways to do this:

  • use the Allocate button in the far right column of your Dashboard, alongside the job you wish to Allocate


  • if you are in the actual project, scroll down to the Review/Team Notes section at the bottom, click on the Team Notes tab (it will turn blue to indicate it’s active), and Allocate Editor.
    You then use the drop down to select who you would like to allocate – it will give you options of all Editors and Super Editors on your platform.

Once you select the Editor, click Set Main Editor next to it.

You then have the option to Add Editor if you want more than one creative to be working on the job at the same time.

You can add a quick note to your Editor, and click Save and Notify, and then they will receive notification that you have allocated them a job.

You’ll see now on your Dashboard that the Status has changed to Editor Review.