New Apple iMac video camera reviewed

Apple’s new release iMac is here, and we tested its unsung but game changing features – a full HD inbuilt camera. 

This is not only a winner when meeting virtually via Zoom and Teams, and needing better quality pictures and audio in our computers. 

It’s also brilliant to use when recording video online. 

How is it this webcam different?


Up to now, the webcam cameras in almost all computers, including laptops and desktops, have been at best 720p, including Apple’s top shelf MacBook pro laptops. 

Now this is a solid high definition, but because webcam and virtual meetings in a pre COVID world were not a priority, the quality of these inbuilt little cameras included in our standard issue company laptops was generally not great. 

And they definitely didn’t come close to those full HD versions in iPhones and good Android phones. 

Until now. 

No need to plug in an external webcam


Apple has upgraded the webcam on its new 24 inch iMac desktop to be full HD, and it’s stunningly good. 

“Sit down, hit record and this camera’s performance is pretty damn impressive.””

By comparison, here’s the quality using a current MacBook pro laptop with a standard issue 720p inbuilt webcam, compared to the new iMac with its full HD webcam. 

And a good test of any camera, let alone a webcam, is how it performs filming to green screen, so that you can insert any background image in the edit afterwards. 

As you can see here, despite the dead simple setup, you can achieve a professional result for little effort or technical knowledge.

So if you are a Zoom or Teams regular, or need to record very good quality video using your computer as your camera and recording studio all in one, then the new iMac is an impressive beast of a solution.